rsync not saving files on windows 2000

Tevfik Karagülle tevfik at
Sun Dec 21 00:09:22 EST 2003


Have a look at my website

I suppose , you have problems with permissions and ownerships. Make sure
that your windows 2000 account OWNS directories you try to sync and run
rsync with env.variable CYGWIN=nontsec.

Rgrds Tev

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Subject: rsync not saving files on windows 2000

> I am trying to setup a windows 2000 server with rsync and cygwin. I think
> almost have it working except that when the file copy is finished my files
> are nowhere to be found on the windows server. I am not getting any error
> messages. I am connecting from a win98 machine on the same network. Any
> on how I can get this working or get more info to debug. Thanks.
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