rsync "hang"

jw schultz jw at
Sat Dec 20 07:25:48 EST 2003

On Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 03:06:20PM -0500, Brian Cuttler wrote:
> J.W.
> The memory error was a correctable logged at 15:30 PM, with the
> apparent time on the rsync issue being 23:00.
> It would be nice to see everything tie together but I don't see
> it this time (I've have pushed the same conclusion if I where you.
> And, yes, I understand the humor - subtext is sooo difficult in email).
> Thank you for the compliment on the bug-report.
> We will look to install the newer version of rsync, its just the
> "right thing to do". 2.5.7 has been around a while and is stable
> or do you think we should wait for 2.6.0 ?

2.5.7 is really 2.5.6 (11 months old) plus a security fix to
protect against crackers.  2.6.0 has almost a year of fixes
and enhancements. 

One warning, because there have been so many protocol
changes since 1.6.2 a new rsync will be incompatible.
So if you are rsyncing with other machines that are running
anything prior to 1.7.0 they will also need upgrading.
On the plus side, once you upgrade you will be able to do
downloads from internet rsync servers.

> Any interest in the core file ?


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