rsync "hang"

Brian Cuttler brian at
Sat Dec 20 05:14:21 EST 2003

Hello rsync list,

I am running a Solaris 8 system and have rsync 1.6.2 protocal 14 installed.
We have updated (wed 17-dec) to the latest Solaris 8 recommended patch set.

When performing an rsync of two local UFS partitions rsync "hung", never
completed, didn't exit. What I forced an exit via kill signal core dumped.

Config of disks is that 1) Mirror by Solistice Disksuite rsync to
                           non-mirrored UFS partition.
                        2) This non-mirrored UFS partition is later
                           copied to a second non-mirrored partition.

It was during this second stage that rsync hung.

There was nothing particularly odd about the files being moved,
not size nor content. They where in fact the unzip of the 8_Recommended
patch set.

We have been coping one partition to another in this mannor for
several months using this procedure (extracted from larger procedure).

echo "Copy /bk1-dbX files to /bk2-dbX"
foreach DBX (db1 db2 db3)
    set FDIR="/bk1-$DBX/oracle"
    set TDIR="/bk2-$DBX/oracle"

    echo "Copy of $DBX files from bk1 to bk2"
    echo $FDIR $TDIR
#    rsync -rltv --delete -e ssh "$FDIR"  "$TDIR"
    rsync -rltv --delete "$FDIR"  "$TDIR"
    echo ""
    echo ""

This problem has only occured once but because the intent is to
copy our database files (Oracle) and the script also performs a
database shutdown and restart its something we felt we'd best
meantion to the list.

The database didn't restart because the script didn't complete the
rsync and processing is sequential. So its not just a matter of the
rsync error, production was down.

Am I abusing some flag or is there a limit on number of files, size,
something that I inadvertantly hit ?

I'm thinking its an anomaly, rsync successfully moved the same data 
from disk  a->b, has been running very well for months.

We did find a memory error in /var/adm/messages - but the time stamp
was off by many hours, so I'm thinking that is unrelated.

There are no reported disk error, disksuite reports that it is in
good shape as well. All disks are local.

Thanks for your assistance, if more info is needed please ask.


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