Rsync over SSH w/ various shells

Tom Allen tallen at
Fri Dec 19 04:46:18 EST 2003

I'm using Rsync 2.5.7, using an ssh key to connect, which has a forced 
command of:

/usr/bin/nice -n 19 /usr/bin/rsync --server --daemon --config 
/etc/rsyncd.conf .

The conf itself looks like:

uid = nobody
gid = nobody
use chroot = no
max connections = 1
syslog facility = local5
pid file = /var/run/
        list = no
        path = /
        read only = yes
        hosts allow = xx.xx.xx.xx
        use chroot = yes
        max connections = 1
        exclude = /vol/ /proc/
        uid = root
        gid = root

When hosts allow is set to the ip of the box pulling the rsync.  When I 
run rsync, and the shell for the user with the authorized_keys2 file is 
set to ash, zsh, or bash1, the ip that the rsync daemon sees is the 
actual IP.  With bash2, its  Why does the shell matter like 
that?  It seems (to me anyway) that bash2 is doing something evil.  
Thanks in advance for any info.


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