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Thu Dec 18 12:38:52 EST 2003

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, jw schultz wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 08:31:13AM -0800, james houston wrote:
> > I would like to have my computer at home and my
> > computer at work to share the same bookmarks. My idea
> > was to have each of the computers sync with a server's
> > bookmark file. If the client has a newer file than the
> > server it would upload it, if the client has an older
> > file it would download it. I already have the
> > authentication keys set up and want to do it over ssh.
> Unison is designed to to exactly what you want.
> >
> > Would this be one way to accomplish this? Running this
> > command on the client computers periodically:
> >
> > rsync -rptvlWe ssh --delete --progress --stats
> > ~/Library/bookmarks.html
> > user at
> It can be done with rsync --update.  As an excercise you
> should justify to yourself each of the options you
> used in that rsync command to sync a single file.

Slightly off topic (please forgive me!), though
possibly relivent to problem at hand...

One point for Mozilla/Netscape users, is that Netscape 4.7x
and Mozilla 1.5 or better are supposed to support storing
their configuration and bookmarks on an http server, thus
allowing you to roam and run your browser on many
machines, and yet *always* have the same email, imap,
bookmarks, and preferences set.  I haven't gotten
around to playing with it becuase I just got interested
in it as NS4.7 went out of style, and Mozilla 1.5
has only just come out.  All the same, as near as I
can tell, it's going to be nirvana if it works
half as good as the feature description reads.  :P

(roaming email settings would probably be useless
for POP server users, btw)


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