Rsyncing Windows directory to a Linux box: problem with spacesin directory names

Charles Nadeau charlesnadeau at
Wed Dec 17 15:24:41 EST 2003

Max Kipness wrote:

>> Anything I could do besides trying to escape the space or
>> putting the whole directory between double quote?
> Not sure what the problem is. Could it be an OS issue? I noticed a


I am using Gentoo 1.4.



> difference in general with the way Redhat 8.0 handled
> directories/folders with spaces in them vs. Redhat 7.3.
> I've got many include files with spaces in them, especially with the
> 'Documents and Settings' directories for all the XP/2000 workstations
> that I back up. And I'm not using any quotes.
> The only other thing I can think of is to have your script enclose the
> entire line in double quotes as in:
> "/diskbox/Anciens projets/"
> Max

Charles-E. Nadeau Ph.D

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