Rsync 2.5.7 hangs after completion

Wesley Joyce wjoyce at
Wed Dec 17 12:25:51 EST 2003

I am having a problem with rsync hanging after completion.  The command I 
am using is: rsync -vaz --delete /banproc/ backenp650:/banproc (thanks jw 
for the syntax correction)

There were 56 deletions on the destination and ~ 1380 files copied total (I 
gathered these stats by using grep and wc -l on a saved file of my ssh 
session to the source host).  Below is the last couple of lines on my ssh 
session.  Pressing enter will give me an extra blank line.  There are blank 
lines after the last file was copied.  I have not pressed CTRL-C yet.  I do 
not have the prompt yet nor are the normal statistics/report returned from 


After completion, while hanging waiting for report and shell prompt,
On the sending side:
  ps -ef | grep rsync
     root  467122  757914   0 20:28:47  pts/0  0:00 remsh backenp650 rsync 
--server -vlogDtprz --delete . /banproc
     root  757914  434186   0 20:28:47  pts/0  1:19 rsync -vaz --delete 
/banproc/ backenp650:/banproc
     root 1019966 1007658   0 21:17:09  pts/1  0:00 grep rsync
     root 1237152  467122   0 20:28:47  pts/0  0:00 remsh backenp650 rsync 
--server -vlogDtprz --delete . /banproc

On the receiving side:
ps -ef | grep rsync
     root 385028 327858   0 21:19:43  pts/0  0:00 grep rsync

Any ideas?
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