Dotfiles not being deleted?

Penelope Fudd pfudd at
Wed Dec 17 06:37:38 EST 2003


I'm attempting to copy/sync a development directory on my laptop to our
web server, and for some reason dot-files are being copied but not

Command line:
rsync -rvva --delete-after -e ssh ./

The symptom is that I've got files like '.Makefile.swp' and
'.hidden.php.swp' on the server (vi temp files) even after deleting them
from the laptop and running the rsync command again.

If I create a file called '.foo' and run rsync, it will be created on
the server, but if I delete .foo and run rsync again, it isn't deleted
from the server.

I've searched the web, but this is a hard problem to search for.  I've
read the documentation, but it says it should work.
I've read some of the mailing list archive, but I didn't find a way to
search it.
I haven't read the source (yet), because I was hoping that there's
someone who's seen this before.

I've got Redhat 9.0, rsync-2.5.5-4.i386.rpm, openssh-3.7.1p2, ext3 file
systems, using tcsh in an rxvt terminal window, and the phase of the
moon is half-full.

Penelope Fudd <pfudd at>

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