Prepping for a new release (2.5.8? 2.6.0?)

Jim Salter jsalter at
Wed Dec 17 04:49:48 EST 2003

> I wish we had a better handle on the cygwin hang and
> craigb-perf but i don't want to slow things down.
> CVS is solid on *x now.

I'd really like to get craigb-perf in an easier-to-implement condition.  I
just reverted from 2.5.7 *back* to 2.5.6 because I tried the craigb-perf
patches and they made an INCREDIBLE difference in performance, and I
couldn't get the patches to work right on 2.5.7.

My biggest performance beef is usually in conditions with very large volumes
but very little changed, and the craigb-perf patch made a really huge
difference with that, especially on older hardware.

Alternately, if somebody could update the .diff so that it worked against
2.5.7 (or 2.5.8 / 2.6.0, when it comes out) source, that would be enough to
shut me up for the time being. =)

Jim Salter
JRS Systems

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