Rsync and files which are in use

Jim Salter jsalter at
Wed Dec 17 01:47:15 EST 2003

> I have a problem when I use rsync version 2.5.6  protocol version 26 to
> files from one server to another.
> It doesn't seem to copy all files. As far as i can tell it doesn't copy
> files which are in use at that time.
> Since among other things i am rsyncing web pages some are always in use.

What OS are you running on the rsync server and client?  Handling of open
files differs from OS to OS; experience has taught me that (for example)
FreeBSD can generally rsync or otherwise read/copy open files transparently,
whereas Win* will absolutely refuse access to open files ==> rsync's out of

Jim Salter
JRS Systems

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