Update Archive Flag

Jürgen Albinger J.Albinger at interstuhl.de
Tue Dec 16 21:57:37 EST 2003

Hi All

We sync our  Novell-Servers Version 6 with the Parameter *avz  to our Backupsrv.
When a file is changed or it's new, the file where sync to Backupsrv, the Archive-Flag is set on, and wie can Backup all changed and new Files with Arcserve to tape  after sync.
It works fine.

But when we sync files there are on PC'S (Win98, Win 2000, XP, NT) only changed files have the Archiv-Flag on after sync. 
New files where copy to the Backupsrv but the Archive-Flag ist off.

That means only changed files where backed up to tape but no new files. (Incremental)
The rsync-version are 2.5.7 protocoll-version 26.

The Paramter that we use from PC to Novell Backupsrv are  -vrWuz *update.

When we sysnc the  PC's with the Parameter *avz, the same Paramters as Novell, the Archiv-Flags is also off on changed files.

Can someone tell me the Paramters to sync PC's so, that new files theres not on the Backupsrv becomes the Archive-flag "on".



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