default --rsh

Jim Salter jsalter at
Tue Dec 16 15:43:39 EST 2003

> I'm feeling a little more comfortable with this change now.  What do
> folks think about having something like [ssh instead of rsh as default] in

I'd say go for it.  If nothing else, it would be nice to get away from the
current situation of potentially *encouraging* newbs to *start* using rsh
because it's rsync's default behavior.  Sort of an "if you don't know how to
enable rsh then you shouldn't *be* enabling rsh" situation, if you know what
I mean.

Besides, I'm personally at a loss to understand why anybody would (much less
should) still be using rsh in the first place.  If they're running rsync on
an incredibly old machine and want to conserve the cycles ssh would use for
encryption or don't have ssh available, they can always just run an rsync

-Jim Salter

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