Prepping for a new release (2.5.8? 2.6.0?)

Paul Slootman paul at
Tue Dec 16 02:54:26 EST 2003

On Mon 15 Dec 2003, Wayne Davison wrote:
> Yes, I'd like to get the CVS version finished up and a new release made.

Good to hear!

>  - What should we call the new version?  I'm leaning towards 2.6.0
>    because of the new features (such as --files-from) and the various
>    large changes (such as better check-summing, fixed include/exclude
>    matching, etc.), but I could be talked into 2.5.8.

I'd agree with 2.6.0; there's also a protocol bump.

> If the remaining issues are small, I'll create a test release tarball in
> the next day or so, which will allow those adverse to CVS to help out in
> the pre-release testing.

I'll make debian packages of those...

Paul Slootman

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