Synchronizing to multiple locations on a single destination s erve r

Bojan Cekrlic bc-rsync at
Mon Dec 15 18:20:38 EST 2003

Steve Bonds wrote:

> If the destination server is the same you should be able to copy the
> files
> over to one common directory and either symlink or hard-link them from
> the
> final destinations.
> For example, on the destination server:
> /opt/app-name/lib/:
>    contains all 4 libraries needed
> /opt/app1/lib/:
>    contains symlinks to /opt/app-name/lib/lib1.jar,
> /opt/app-name/lib/lib2.jar, etc.
> If you want to avoid the mess of symlinks, you could just copy the files
> from the /opt/app-name/lib area out to the respective individual
> destinations-- avoiding the extra rsyncs.
>   -- Steve
Hello Steve, thanks for the reply, but:

I have already thought of a similar and is not an appropriate solution
for me
because of two reasons:
1. The target server is a cygwin running on Windows (with a Windows JVM),
   so symlinks are not an option. The only choice I have is probably
    phisically copying the files.
2. I would like to avoid an overhead of establishing the ssh connection
   twice (once for copying the files over and once for distributing the
   to all the apropriate locations).

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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