cwRsync 2.5.7

Jim Kleckner jek-rsync1 at
Sun Dec 14 11:27:46 EST 2003

John Hunt wrote:

> On Wednesday 10 Dec 2003 17:27, John Hunt wrote:
>>On Tuesday 09 Dec 2003 18:13, Tevfik Karagülle wrote:
>>Sorry to report that it hangs at the end of transfer, as did (cygwin
>>packaged) 2.5.6.  I have reverted again to 2.5.5 (from an old cygwin
>>installation) that works well for me.
> Sorry, I realise now that I have confused two conversation threads. One 
> relating to patches to 2.5.6 for security, and another relating to patches to 
> fix the hang problem.
> Wishful thinking on my part that 2.5.7 might have fixed the latter!

The problem appears to be in the cygwin dll.  See:
Until the fix makes it out as a release, there will
continue to be lots of this kind of report.  Right now
it is just fixed in a snapshot.


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