Change one file, and they all get sent!

Daemian Mack dmack at
Sat Dec 13 03:53:02 EST 2003

Steve Howie wrote:

> Hi,
> Just starting out with rsync, and I think I might be missing a 
> fundamental point of how it works.

Is either box Windows?  When I used an NT4 server as my rsync server, I 
had to use --modify-window 2 on the client side to get it to NOT copy 
over all files.

Daemian Mack

> Scenario:
> I start an rsync daemon on host A, and define a module 'test' on the 
> rsyncd.conf file. 'test' is essentially my home directory on host A
> I then sign on to host B and issue
> rsync --progress --recursive --links --stats arthur::test/
> /var/tmp/haggis
> This copies 'test' from host 'arthur' (host A)  into  /var/tmp/haggis 
> (on host B)
> so far so good. Everything goes to host B no problem.
> Next I edit a small file in 'test' on host A, then reissue the rsync 
> command above. All files are checked and transferred according to the 
> summary at the end. Am I incorret in assuming that only the delta of the
> before and after of the one small file I edited would be sent, rather 
> than the entire directory tree defined by 'test'?
> Remember, I'm using rsync to copy  *from* a host running an rsync 
> daemon...would this be the issue?
> Confused and probably missing something simple .... any ideas?
> Thanks!
> Scotty

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