Synchronizing to multiple locations on a single destination serve r

Bojan Čekrlić cekrlic at
Fri Dec 12 23:01:35 EST 2003

Hi all.

This has been bugging me for quite some time and I haven't found a solution
yet. I was wondering
if anyone has any experience with similar scenarios or/and can tell me how
this process can be

We use rsync to synchronize JAR libraries on our remote server. The catch
here is, that the
libraries must go in multiple locations (and not all the locations have all
the libraries).
rsync is ivoked with an +ACI-update-only+ACI- option, so no libraries that do not
exist in the target
directory are copied.

So, the source is something like this:
 lib1.jar, lib2.jar, lib3.jar, lib4.jar, lib5.jar

Destination 1:
 lib1.jar, lib2.jar, lib3.jar

Destination 2:
 lib1.jar, lib4.jar

Destinaton 3:

So, lib1 must be updated in d1, d2, d3 (of course, only if required - +ACo-I
cannot assume, that all
three version are the same before the synchronization), lib2 and lib3 only
in d1 and lib4 in d2 and d3.
Since lib5 is not used anywhere on the destination, it is irrelevant for
this case.

Right now we are running rsync over ssh three times - each time for one of
the destinations.
Since the destinations are on the same server, this usually means that the
same data is copied
over three times and that we have three times as much of overhead for SSH
making and releasing a

Would it be possible in some kind of parameter / batch update way of rsync
to make it do it all at once?

Thanks in advance for the reply.


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