[RFC] transfer files listed in a file.

James A. Morrison jim at nit.ca
Thu Dec 11 11:49:51 EST 2003


 We've found a need to list the files to transfer in a files since
our command lines got too long.  Anyway,  the attached patch
implements reading from a file with two command line options.

 The first is from-file, this file contains a list of files to get
from src.  The second is subst-file which contains a list of files
to send to dst.

rsync -f rsync.files jim at server::jim/ .


rsync -s rsync.files jim at server::jim

 The first will grab the files listed in rsync.files from
server::jim and put them in '.' .  The second will send the
files listed in rsync.files to server::jim . 

 Other than adding those options this patch also creates a
new function send_a_file() which makes send_file_list() a
bit shorter and easier to read.


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