cwRsync 2.5.7

John Hunt john.rsync at
Thu Dec 11 08:54:00 EST 2003

On Wednesday 10 Dec 2003 17:27, John Hunt wrote:
> Tevfik
> On Tuesday 09 Dec 2003 18:13, Tevfik Karagülle wrote:
> > I would also like to inform that I updated my cwRsync package with the
> > latest rsync binary (2.5.7).
> I have tried your rsync 2.5.7 in cygwin under Windows 2000, synchronising
> to a windows share on an unknown (probably Windows) file server.
> Sorry to report that it hangs at the end of transfer, as did (cygwin
> packaged) 2.5.6.  I have reverted again to 2.5.5 (from an old cygwin
> installation) that works well for me.

Sorry, I realise now that I have confused two conversation threads. One 
relating to patches to 2.5.6 for security, and another relating to patches to 
fix the hang problem.

Wishful thinking on my part that 2.5.7 might have fixed the latter!

John Hunt
Stokesley, N Yorks, UK
e-mail: john.rsync at

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