cwRsync 2.5.7

John Hunt john.rsync at
Thu Dec 11 04:27:56 EST 2003


On Tuesday 09 Dec 2003 18:13, Tevfik Karagülle wrote:
> I would also like to inform that I updated my cwRsync package with the
> latest rsync binary (2.5.7).

I have tried your rsync 2.5.7 in cygwin under Windows 2000, synchronising to a 
windows share on an unknown (probably Windows) file server.

Sorry to report that it hangs at the end of transfer, as did (cygwin packaged) 
2.5.6.  I have reverted again to 2.5.5 (from an old cygwin installation) that 
works well for me.

(I installed cwRsync then copied rsync.exe to cygwin\bin, replacing the 
existing rsync.exe. Should I have done anything else too?)


John Hunt
Stokesley, N Yorks, UK
e-mail: john.rsync at

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