Completing subdirectories in include list

Lukas Kubin kubin at
Mon Dec 8 19:23:06 EST 2003

I'm having troubles using rsync to synchronize only files+directories 
specified in "include list". I'm using command

rsync -avP --include-from=list --exclude="*" /from/ /to/

The "list" file contains 2 entries:


Rsync doesn't transfer file1 until I add all the subdirectories tree. It 
means I have to adjust the list this way:


File "file2" is always transferred since it it is placed in root 
directory. Of, course, directory /from/ contains many more 
subdirectories and file which I don't want to synchronize.

Is this a bug or am I using it a bad way? Why do I need to complete the 
include list by hand? It's very slow to do the completion with just 
shell utils.

Thank you.


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