Using Rsync With SSH?

Michael Monteith michael_r_monteith at
Sat Dec 6 03:30:18 EST 2003

I'll try to be as clear as possible with what I need to do and what I 

 I have a depot server with HP depots that I need to replicate.  The 
only part I need help with is setting up Rsync to use SSH to 
replicate the data from system a and everything under /depot to 
system b /depot.  Basically just copy directory /depot from one box 
to the other using SSH. I'll need this to be ran in cron which once I 
know what needs to be done I can add it to cron with no problem. 

 Now, I only use SSH to connect so I'm not as intimately familiar 
with it or RSync.  So telling me to setup Rsync with such and such 
and SSH with no pasword will not get me there. lol

 I would prefer specifics like, put the following in this file, run 
this command on this box, etc.  The tutorials and bits and pieces 
I've seen online don't really seem to put it all together too well.

 Hopefully someone can help.  Feel free to email or IM me.  


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