rsync --daemon fails on systems with nfs-kernel-server

Bill Geddes wgeddes at
Sat Dec 6 02:15:55 EST 2003

I have been using rsync in daemon mode to get backups of systems.  The
daemon would not start on one system.  Gave the syslog message that
the 'Address already in use'.  netstat, lsof, ps - nothing exposed the
process that was taking the port.  It would not time out and magically
start either.  I started rsync on a different port and it ran fine. 
This still was not a great solution, as I did not code all the parts of
the backup to point to a special port.  And it bugged me.

Turned out that the nfs kernel server was running.  When I shut down
that service, rsync would start in daemon mode on the default port!
I no longer needed this system to serve files, so this solution worked. 
Is this a known conflict, or has anyone seen this?  

My system is a debian (running sid - unstable), and rsync v. 2.5.6-1,
kernel is 2.4.22.  I have another system where I intermittently cannot
start rsync in daemon mode, and it serves nfs as well.

William Geddes <wgeddes at>

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