rsync -vt shows directories considered?

James Berry james at
Thu Dec 4 04:28:19 EST 2003

On Dec 2, 2003, at 8:24 PM, jw schultz wrote:

>> But I did some more investigation and have a bit more information:
>> (1) This happens only if I don't own the destination directory. If I
>> own the directory, the time on it gets set. If I don't own the
>> directory (and even though the group access gives me rwx) the time
>> doesn't get set. As the same user (not owning the directory, and 
>> logged
>> into the remote machine), I can touch the directory to change its date
>> with no problem. This sounds like maybe we're getting closer to the
>> root of the problem (or am I misunderstanding something about
>> permissions or about what rsync is trying to do?).
> Sounds like another OSX bug.

Indeed, it seems that the utime() call in darwin fails with EPERM if 
the target is not owned by the caller. I'll take this up with the 
darwin folks. The behavior (to fail for this case) matches the darwin 
man page for  utime(), but doesn't seem to match the opengroup spec for 


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