Size Limit in rsyncd.conf File?

Daemian Mack dmack at
Wed Dec 3 00:13:29 EST 2003

jw schultz wrote:
> I've not tried it but auth users permits the use of shell
> wildcards in user names so 
> 	auth users = *
> would restrict the users to all of those listed in the
> secrets file.  If you wish different user lists for
> different modules just use module-specific secrets files.

That would be a little clumsy for me, since there are no easily-defined 
sets of users I could enable and disable conveniently.

However, the shell wildcards you mention are going to solve my problem, 
I think.

What I've done is set  auth users = [^#]*  which takes rsyncd.conf out 
of the loop when enabling/disabling user accounts; now I can just 
prepend a # to an account in rsyncd.secrets to disable it and remove 
that hash to enable the account.  So far, this seems to be working great 
for me.

Thanks for your help!

Daemian Mack

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