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Jim Salter jsalter at
Tue Dec 2 17:45:21 EST 2003

Rsync runs under the context of whatever user spawns its process.  So
assuming the users in question can access the machine with ssh to begin
with, they will have precisely as much - or as little - filesystem access
using rsync over ssh as they would opening a remote shell over ssh.

Jim Salter
JRS System Solutions

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> Hi All,
> Is it possible for different users to sync their home directory's (which
> reside on the same server) using rsync. By that I mean that usera will
> using rsync to sync /home/usera and userb will sync /home/userb on the
> same server but usera will not have access to /home/userb. I hope I am
> making sense. I do not want to use ssh, just rsync. I have RTFMs but
> they did not answer my question.
> Thanks for your help
> Paul
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