Andrzej Filip anfi at priv.onet.pl
Tue Dec 2 05:33:43 EST 2003

Is there any chance for rdiff ?

I need to frequently synchronize big text file (60MB+) undertaking small 
changes and I am interested in differences between the subsequent versions 
[DNS RBL data in dnsbl format, 1E6+ lines of text, new version every 20m, on 
average 50 new entries (lines) in every synchronization]

I would like to get (small) diff file as result of rsync session and apply it 
to the file myself.

Andrzej [pl>en: Andrew] Adam Filip http://www.polbox.com/a/anfi/
anfi at priv.onet.pl anfi at xl.wp.pl [former: anfi at Box43.pl]

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