Size Limit in rsyncd.conf File?

Daemian Mack dmack at
Tue Dec 2 05:58:11 EST 2003

I've got an rsyncd.secrets file with 59 accounts in it.  Almost all 
these need to be enabled concurrently.  My rsyncd.conf thus has an auth 
users field with upward of 50 values.  I'm starting to wonder at what 
point I'll have maxed that field out, especially as we're taking on new 
accounts all the time.

Incidentally, whether or not there is a limit, is it possible to do some 
sort of file-include for the auth users field, instead of enumerating 
every account?  It would make it much cleaner to maintain to simply 
refer to an external file which just had a list of the accounts I want 
to give access to...

Daemian Mack

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