rsync'd destination much larger than source

acct svcs heartofthematter at
Tue Dec 2 00:27:23 EST 2003

Thank you for the suggestions.

Actually, I do want all of the root content (including /var, /usr, etc) to 
be included, and they are not separate mount points.  The source machine has 
a 132 GB drive.  Here's what df -h says:
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda2             108G  3.3G   99G   4% /

I believe I may have found the problem, though.  The destination drive may 
have bad blocks, as I am getting Input/Output errors on some of the files 
that rsync created there.  I know the files are there (I can see them using 
find), but they can't be seen or manipulated with ls or cp.  They are not 
sparse files, either. I am speculating that this behavior may be causing 
rsync to act unpredictably because some of the files it writes can't be 
validated during the synchronization process.



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>On Sun, 30 Nov 2003, acct svcs <heartofthematter at> wrote:
> >
> > rsync -arvzx --exclude=/proc --exclude=/tmp --exclude=/mnt --delete
> > --delete-excluded -e ssh  /bkup/rootpart/
> >
> > The problem is, if I 'df' the Ensim box, it reports that the entire root
> > partition
> > is using 3.5 GB of space, however, the rsync'd copy of the root 
> > structure on the remote box is consuming over 23 GB.  Note that I did 
>use -x
> > as well as some excludes to ensure that files on other partitions 
> > below '/ ' were not copied. Initially, my thoughts were that
> > symbolic links to directories were being treated as regular directories 
> > being copied repeatedly.  This does not appear to be the case, however.
>Another factor is preserving hardlinks (-H option), but that won't explain
>the large increase.
>23 GB sounds about right to me if /var, /home, and /usr are not mount 
>but are instead contained on the root partition (mine is 26 GB).  Can you
>verify that the mount points are indeed only directories under 
>Also, are you sure you read the right column and used the right decimal 
>on the df output?  Maybe the source has 3.5 GB _free_, not 3.5 GB used?
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