rsync NFS automount home directories, deletes on 2nd run

Coert Vonk coert at
Tue Aug 26 02:49:50 EST 2003

rsync'ing from NFS automounted /home directories does
not appear to work as expected.

Initially it automounts all the home directories, and
copies the tree.  However, when I run the same command
a second time, it deletes all the files for with the
/home directory happened to be unmounted.

Some more details:

Using 'ypmatch -k auto.home', I generate a list of
/home/ directories to backup using ypmatch (see
example below).

Because the directories are explicitly included in the
'include list', I would expect them to get
automounted, and picked up by rsync.

I am using 2.5.6 with 
  --verbose --verbose
  --delete --delete-excluded
  /home/ /destination

$ cat see example.below
+ /cvonk/
+ /cvonk/*
+ /cvonk/**/
+ /cvonk/**/*
+ /kernel/
+ /kernel/*
+ /kernel/**/
+ /kernel/**/*
+ /cvsroot/
+ /cvsroot/*
+ /cvsroot/**/
+ /cvsroot/**/*
- */

The double --verbose options, does not even mention
the /home directories that are not already mounted.

suggestions?, thanks,

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