[patch] New RC to differentiate partial xfers from files that get deleted before they're xfered

Evan Skinner1 ESKINNER at uk.ibm.com
Thu Aug 7 23:58:54 EST 2003


During development of a backup solution with rsync I experienced some
failed backups because of RC 23, partial transfer. These were because the
application using the data I was backing up, was still active, and had
deleted a file inbetween rsync compiling the file list and then transfering
the file.

After some feedback from Wayne Davidson and JW Schultz suggesting the
solution to this, I've patched the rsync-2.5.6 code to acheive this
diferentiation with a new RC. If the only errors that occured during an
rsync session are 'file not found' when send_files attempts to send the
file, then we get RC 24, RERR_VANISHED, and some text to the same effect.
I've changed log.c to start the error messsage with "rsync warning" instead
of "rsync error" to make it obvious this is not a failure condition.

I made these changes on the rsync-2.5.6 code instead of the HEAD stuff in
cvs, so I've included a diff -u against both the rsync-2.5.6 source and the
latest HEAD source.

Please let me know what you think.


PS: I'm using lotus notes as my mailer so I hope it doesn't screw up the

(See attached file: diff.rsync-2.5.6)(See attached file: diff.HEAD)
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