including file from excluded directory

Brandon Metcalf bmetcalf at
Wed Aug 20 23:11:35 EST 2003

j == jw at writes:

 j> Your exclude pattern doesn't match .mozilla/*
 j> You might try changing it to /.**
 j> You will also want to add an include pattern for
 j> /.mozilla/bmetcalf/

Ah, yes.  This would probably work.  What I ended up doing is this:

  + /.mozilla
  + /.mozilla/bmetcalf
  + /.mozilla/bmetcalf/bookmarks.html
  - /.mozilla/*
  - /.mozilla/bmetcalf/*

 j> I find a combination of unison and rsync is best for
 j> laptop-desktop syncronization.  I use unison on the files
 j> you are rsyncing and rsync to push the dot files into a
 j> host-named subdirectory.

Cool.  I've never used Unison before.  I'll check it out.



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