How to Config & Start Backup Process in NW6 with RSync

MalleswaraRao Durga malleswar_nd at
Wed Aug 20 22:07:21 EST 2003

Dear Experts,
    I got Two Netware 6 Servers in the Same LAN. Server A is a 
main server (File Server). I'ld like to configure Server B as 
Backup server for Server A with RSync.
    I've follwed the documetnation at
    But im confused how to start the process.
Kindly help me how to Configure rsync in  Server B as Backup 
Server and Start the Backup process.
   I need 7 days incremental backup.
kindly help me

Thnaks in adv.,

Malleswara Rao.N.D M.B.A
Sys Admin Dept.,
Efftronics Sys Pvt Ltd.,
Vijayawada. INDIA
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