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On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 10:23:10AM +0800, damian lee wrote:
> sorry to bother you again!!
> I still didn`t get it.
> Maybe I didn`t make my self clear.
> I have a old_FTP server and the data is about 4G.
> I also have a copy for those datas.
> Now I have to make a mirror site for the old_FTP site with the copy.
> So My plan is to build a new FTP server and put the copy in it.
> But the file time of those data is diferent from the old_FTP server.

Why?  Almost any file copy utility can preserve mod_times.

> If I use rsync as the mirror solution.
> How I do to skip the first_time_transfer.

You can't skip that if you are ever to use mod_time.

> I don`t want the 4 Gigabytes of data transfer over internet.
> Can I use the touch commend to adjust the file_modify_time,
> to make both of old_FTP_files and the copy_FTP_files become identical,
> to skip the first_time_transfer.
> And I am really sorry to bother you again.
> Thanks in advanced.

Normally i'd say don't fret it.  If the data is the same
rsync will only use a little under 1% of the file size
transmitting blocksums to update unchanged files.  For 4GB
that would amount to about 40MB so it may be worth
transmitting the mod_times and touching the files.
Even better would be to copy the data in a way that
preserves mod_time.

> Damian
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> > On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 09:59:38AM +0800, damian lee wrote:
> > > And does It means I can copy the files from the old server,
> > > and use the touch commend to set the modify time.
> > 
> > No!  That would _change_ the modify time.  Simply copy them with the
> > time preserved.  Rsync can do that for you.

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