Inadequate error checking in rsync 2.5.5

David Norwood judapeno at
Tue Aug 19 06:41:51 EST 2003

> > Okay, with this patch I now get error messages, but it still creates
> > filled output files.  I guess that is what you meant by "the behavior is
> > same".

> That is correct.  At the point in which we detect the
> problem there isn't anything we can do to produce
> good files.  The most i can see our being able to do is to
> warn you that it has happened.

I understand that there is no chance of getting good files in this case.  My
point is that the null filled files are undesireable.  They have the right
size and timestamp, so rsync won't replace them on subsequent runs.  Can
rsync remove these files after the error is detected?

Please cc me.

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