Question on --include-from option.

Loris Serena lserena at
Thu Aug 14 01:43:44 EST 2003

Hi Wayne,

The command was actually split on two lines by the mailer! ;-(
It is (all in one line):

rsync -azv -e ssh --stats --include-from=/tmp/rsync-include-file

What I'm doing here is basically some testing with the --include-from
What should my rsync-include-file look like to sync only specific
Once I get this working, the REAL source directories are going to more
different in the path.

Plus, I'd like to push this rsync copy from one box to other six boxes.
Is there a smart way of doing this simultaneously, or do I have to script a
for loop for every different destionation host?

Thanks in advance


Wayne Davison wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 01:15:11PM +0100, Loris Serena wrote:
> > rsync -azv -e ssh --stats --include-from=/tmp/rsync-include-file
> > ppukweb8:/tmp/loris
> This command doesn't specify a destination, just a source.  Thus, it
> just lists the source.  You must tell rsync where to put the files if
> you want it to do a copy.
> Also, your include file will have no effect whatsoever because the
> default is to include everything from the source.  Try this instead:
> rsync -azv -e ssh --stats /tmp/loris/testrsync[1-3] ppukweb8:/tmp/loris
> ..wayne..

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