Maximum file size with rsync?

Steve Bonds knnf6cy7w001 at
Wed Aug 13 04:16:40 EST 2003

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Jeff Frost |Rsync List| wrote:

> I've been trying to find mention of rsync's maximum transferrable file
> size, but haven't been able to.  I'm specifically curious if it would
> be capable to send a file in the neighborhood of 200gb with rsync
> assuming the filesystems on both end could handle it?

Before embarking on this, check the archvies for a discussion of how the
rsync algorithm breaks down on files with over a few hundred megabytes of
changes, and how you can help correct for this by adjusting the block

I don't think rsync would work well for files that large if they contained
lots of changes.

  -- Steve

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