remote server won't remove deleted files

AndyWu andywu at
Fri Aug 8 16:37:24 EST 2003

Heres' what  I did... login as root

rsync -a *.c auk1::pub/
rm -f a*.c
rsync -a *.c auk1::pub/

The a*.c files still exist on auk1, the remote server.
I've tried some parameters like --delete, --ignore-errors.
There's no help.
The server is running as a daemon by root.

uid = root
gid = root
pid file = /var/run/
read only = false

Do I miss anything?
What should I do to delete the files no longer exist?
Files on the remote server are synchronized except the deleted ones.
The mode of /pub on the remote server is drwxrwxrwx.

thanks in advance


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