rsync on Windows 2000?

Stephan Jau stephan.jau at
Fri Aug 8 05:47:55 EST 2003


I downloaded that win version of rsync and I have a small question:

How can I do one of the following:

1.) Add multiple syncronisation directories for one module
2.) Synchronize all modules
3.) Create 1 module that contains multiple other modules

The reason is I would like to use rsync as backup system for my computer 
and all the custom data is in different locations on the c: drive. E.g. 
there is data on the desktop, there is custom data in 
c:\Programs\Application Name, then I have mysql run on c:\mysql and I would 
like to update this all with one command...

For this I need one of the three approaches that I mentioned before. I'm 
sure RSync can do that but I just don't know how.

Thank you in advance,


At 22:28 01.08.2003 -0700, you wrote:
>"John E. Malmberg" writes:
> > What is the status of rsync on Windows 2000?
> >
> > I was looking to install it on my test system, and the download
> > directory has a readme file that says I need the cygnus gnu-win32 library.
> >
> > The link refers me to the index page for cygnus, with no way to get to a
> > download area.  A google search shows many mirrors of the download
> > directory.  All I have checked are completely blank.
> >
> > I will confess that I have only been lightly browsing the mailing list
> > traffic, so I may have missed something.
>There is a pre-packaged rsync-2.5.6 (with a couple of patches),
>together with a minimal set of cygwin libraries at
>It also includes cygrunsrv that allows you to run rsyncd as a service.
>Follow the "Code" link and download the cygwin-rsyncd zip file.
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