Status of rsync + cygwin

Max Bowsher maxb at
Tue Aug 5 22:00:54 EST 2003

Edward Grace wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have been following the rsync discussion list for some time,
> particularly with reference to the rsync problems on Cygwin.  From my
> understanding there are two (seperate) issues.
> 1) Rsync can wait indefinitely due to some form of child/signal handling
> problem (I imagine this can be a pain to get right for all the different
> platforms)
> 2) Long file names that are still within the POSIX limit can't always be
> read.
> My understanding is that (1) is a rsync problem, for which a number of
> patches have been proposed and (2) appears to be a cygwin problem.

I have never heard about (2) before, and I read most of the traffic on both
cygwin and rsync lists.

> Could you advise me as to:
> * when (1) is likely to find its way into a rsync / cygwin release

You should probably just watch this list.

> * where the patches are (there was some confusion) and where to find info
> on building under cygwin.

Search the mailing list archives for patch info.

Get the Cygwin rsync source package for canonical info about building on
Cygwin. Basically, the usual "./configure && make && make install".

> * Where to ask about the cygwin issues (I am asking here as I imagine
> people "here" know a lot of the relevent people "there")

Try to make a reasonable guess whether it is more cygwin or rsync related,
and let that guide you. There are enough people on both lists to suggest you
switch to the other if it would make more sense.


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