always copy the whole file?

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Mon Aug 4 13:20:24 EST 2003

On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 10:55:55AM +0800, AndyWu wrote:
> Here's how it works in my 2 computers.
> First, on auk2
> # rsync -a auk1::pub/linux.iso .
> It takes about 4 minutes. Everything is fine.
> However, after doing this on auk1,
> # echo "hello" >> /pub/linux.iso
> Then, on auk2
> # rsync -a auk1::pub/linux.iso .
> The execution time of the first command is still 4 minutes.
> I think it's supposed to be much shorter than the first case?
> The same results appear in local rsync, too.
> Is there anything wrong with my commands?


I'll bet that file is several hundred megabytes.  Rsync has
been known that have some difficulty with checksum
collisions on files that large.  If you run with -vv i'll
bet it will report "redoing linux.iso(0)" or something very

With released versions of rsync this is avoidable to some
degree with the --block-size option.  At one time someone
produced a list of suitable block/file sizes.  Search the
archives if this matters to you.  This problem has already
been addressed in CVS.

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