perlrsync (was plain source -> encrypted destination: rsync + gpg)

Martin Langhoff ml at
Mon Aug 4 11:29:18 EST 2003


I have achieved a reasonable preprocessing of files before pushing them 
to the remote server (for instance, compressing or encrypting the files) 
using perlrsync (in the source) and rsync (destination).

I tried patching the rsync sources, but it's obviously non-trivial and I 
am obviously not a capable C coder. When I found perlrsync and could see 
that it's wire-compatible with rsync I decided to patch the perl libs 

The resulting patches and wrapper script I hope to integrate soon with 
perlrsync, which can be found at .

While this is probably off-topic for the rsync list, I hope it helps 
users who are looking for this functionality in rsync.

As a sidenote, when dealing with filtering that changes the filesize, 
the patch implementing --ignore-size/--time-only (by Kyle Jones) seems 
to be useful to avoid resending unchanged files.



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