"-b --suffix '' --delete --backup-dir /path/" combination does not act as expected

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at ebb.org
Fri Aug 1 00:28:21 EST 2003

jw schultz wrote:

> Any other developer's thoughts?  The logic may be good but
> i don't like the patch.

> The comment block belongs in the changelog, not here.

Sorry, I didn't see a canonical ChangeLog file in the CVS.  Do you all
just keep these kinds of notes in the news file.

Also, there was that comment to Andrew that I noticed, which should
either be removed or answered.

> I hate the formatting: the whitespace is wrong and i HATE trailing
> operators.

Sorry, I tried my best to imitate the formatting I saw throughout the
other code.  ;)  Maybe I missed it.

> Finally, the conditional is too convoluted.  It may be slightly less
> efficient but i think it needs breaking up or something.

My goal was to make sure that it only changed the behavior in that very
specific case, and not any others.  But, breaking it up could make sense.

> The logic for the added test (bkdir_no_suffix) moved outside the loops
> because it only looks at globals that are unchanged since we parsed the
> command-line.

Your change looks good.  I hope it gets accepted!

   -- bkuhn
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