rsync over ssh

Douglas Blood newsgroups at
Wed Apr 30 04:55:11 EST 2003

You are attempting to connect to the rsync server(port 873) and use ssh as
well (port 22).
Rsync only allows one type of connection at a time so it is ignoring the ssh
option because it is attempting to connect to the rsync port.  This could be
fixed if there were 2 seperate commands.. but you would have problems with
figuring out which command to kill/finishes when.

> The ssh port forwarding seems to work fine using:
> rsync "--rsh=/usr/bin/ssh -L 23:$REMOTE:23" \
> -azR --verbose --progress --stats --force --bwlimit=64 \
> But, as a cron job, I get:
> WARNING: --rsh or -e option ignored when connecting to rsync daemon
> Am I missing something on the syntax? Am I supposed to have an
> rsyncd.conf in /root for a root cron job?
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