rsync over ssh

Douglas Blood dblood at
Tue Apr 29 01:35:47 EST 2003

I have been trying to get rsync with ssh to work and have found that even
though I have a daemon running it spawns another when I connect (running as
the user I sshed as). This was in the enhancements for 2.5.6.  I am trying
to figure out how i can use the ssh for security but still connect to the
daemon that I have running as root so i can back up all of my files that
arn't readable by anyone else.

I have also noticed that when i connect over ssh I need a rsyncd.conf file
in my home directory. This makes sense why you wouldn't want a user editable
file that has access to viewing/writing files over the whole system.

If anyone knows how I might be able to do this I would appriciate the help

Douglas Blood

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