--whole-file not working ?

Satsco perisat at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 25 21:00:42 EST 2003


I dont know much about rsync... but --bwlimit *does*
work when i rsync from an smbfs mount to a local
partition. and it works *beautifully*.

net speed of transfer is always reported below the set

perhaps the rsync gurus on this list can explain
how... but i can swear that it does happen.


--- Steve Greenland <steveg at moregruel.net> wrote:
> On 24-Apr-03, 06:57 (CDT), Satsco
> <perisat at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> > since i am using an SMB mount here, data is
> actually
> > transferred over the network (LAN), therefore
> > --bwlimit
> > is actually a good idea -- in fact, its working
> gr8 !
> Unlikely. As far as rsync (or any other application)
> is concerned, the
> disk *is* local. Only the OS knows that it's
> actually from another
> machine.
> Steve
> -- 
> Steve Greenland

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