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Fri Apr 25 09:34:35 EST 2003

On Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 04:13:37PM -0700, Philip Brown wrote:
> I'm seeing broken transfers when attempting large amounts of data.
> I have read the issues.html file about the transfer dying issues,
> which claims,
> " Sometimes fatal error messages from the remote machine can be lost on the
>  way to the client; you should investigate on the server for something
>  stopping the transmission. The most common cause is that the destination
>  disk is full."
> which is a roundabout way of saying, "it's not our fault, it's your fault".
> However:
> There is no problem on the machines themselves. There is plenty of disk
> space. The only thing I can think of, is an ssh error somehow.
> A specific message I am seeing, when trying to do an rsync of 
> a 4+ gig filesystem, is
> rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(925)
> This is rsync 2.5.5, running on solaris 8 sparc, over openssh3.5p1, 
> openssl0.9.6h, between two machines on the same physical subnet.
> Thoughts?
> it looks like it is complaining about "I got an error".
> However, according to sys/errno.h, 11 is "EAGAIN".
> So... maybe rsync should "try again"?!!

code != errno.  Most of the time it is reporting an
internal error code reflected in the text of the message.
In some cases the code reported is the status of an exited
clild process.

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