full upload happening even though only a timestamp has changed

Tom Goulet tomg at em.ca
Tue Apr 22 11:51:33 EST 2003

> > Okay, I got all that.  So if the modification time is different, Rsync
> > should get a checksum, right?
> Wrong.  If the mtime is different rsync updates the file.

Why?  It seems to me to be a lot saner to get the checksum of the
modification time or size is different.

> You are confusing upload with update.

Well, I guess I am, since I thought they were the same.  What's the

> > http://web.em.ca/~tomg/tmp/rsync_debug.0
> 404 Not Found

Works for me.

> The existence of the temp file does not mean it is uploading
> the file.


I am certain it's uploading when I've said it's uploading.  The time
taken, Rsync's "wrote xxx bytes" output, and Iptraf prove that.

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