-x and include-only

Mike Fairchild fairchild at stout.physics.ucla.edu
Sat Apr 19 14:08:04 EST 2003

Hello, I tried to follow the instructions in the man page, but it doesn't
seem to be working for me.  I am trying to use rsync as the core of my
backup system, remotely connecting to clients over ssh using a key with
forced rsync command.   The problem is
that I want to be carefull not to include network mounts and/or cd/dvds.
But, I do want to include seperate
mounts, such as /boot and /home. Basicly I want to back up the root, not
crossing into any other filesystems, except the ones I specify. So i
thought by
running: rsync --include-from=include.txt -aRe ssh remote:/ /backup_dir/
where include.txt looks something like:
- /*

I could include only the specified directories and exclude
everything else. However, when I run this it excludes everyting.
I want to be able to make an include only list, but this still (if I
could get it to work) won't catch
a case where there is a mount in an unexpected place.  If I run with the
-x option I don't get the home directories.
  Anyone know why my include only list isn't working or have any great
ideas for rsyncing only specified mount points and no others?

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