rsync - windows how should I compile the code any clues - Thanks !

Naveen Athresh naveenathresh at
Wed Apr 16 21:08:26 EST 2003


I have a unique issue that I am dealing with here.

I need to develop rsync algorithm into a library that can be re-used with my 
VB / VC application on Windows platform.

I need your advice if there is any library already available on the Internet 
for this? I did get librsync but that is just a header file which I do not 
know how to compile also with the existing code I have.
Can you please guide me in this?

I did see a lot of your pages and even downloaded the exe from your website 
i.e. rsync2.5.1-dev.exe with cygwin and it works perfectly.

But my requirement is that I need to get into rsync code and build it as an 
API that my VB applications can call rsync & use it to transfer files 

Therefore I need to ideally have the ability to re-compile rsync on windows.

Can you please help me/ advice accordingly.

Thanks for all your help.
Sorry for troubling you but I appreciate any response from your end.

Best Regards
Naveen A.

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